Victims of a Giant Hoax

Set in the country Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe, in the late 1970s, the counter-insurgency war reaches a whole new level with Soviet and Cuban involvement. Internal settlement negotiations threaten vested interests. British Rapier missiles and Soviet SAM-7s add to a dangerous mix with horrific consequences. The northern neighbour, Zambia, provides logistical and technical support for the build up of Cuban and freedom fighter forces for an invasion of Rhodesia. MIG-19s and MIG-21s are game changers for old Rhodesian Hawker Hunters.

This story follows the bravery and commitment of a celebrated US war correspondent who has been sucked into a war she was sent to cover. Her path crosses that of a Rhodesian Selous Scout infiltrated into Zambia to try and turn the tide. Cold War rivalry, political intrigue and paralysis, are the backdrop to this fast paced, brutal, violent story where nothing is as it seems … one unspeakably ruthless act changes the World’s view on the difference between freedom fighters and terrorists … forever.